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Wall Murals

Alpharetta 3D Wall Murals

Wall MuralsEverybody likes a wall mural. But not everybody sees the promotional and business potential of wall murals. We often think of wall murals as community projects.  But wall murals can serve a marketing purpose as well.

Wall murals are perhaps the most dynamic, creative, and prominent of all wall graphics. You’re making a point with a wall mural and sending a message to the world. First, wall murals speak to permanence. You’re not going to invest in a wall mural on your business if you’re thinking about moving or you’re worried about the bank foreclosing on you.

Second, wall murals show that your business is creative and one that really thinks about its identity. It shows that you know what your business is about and that you care about sharing that with the world. Third, wall murals aren’t just to promote yourself to customers and clients. They’re also about motivating staff and making everybody feel like they’re part of something bigger.

You have a lot of options with a wall mural; far too many to discuss in the abstract on a page like this. If you have some ideas for a wall mural, get in touch with us at The Sign Distillery and tell us all about it: 470.444.SIGN (7446) or

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