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Ceiling Signs

Alpharetta Custom Ceiling Signs

CEILING SIGNSLook up. Way up. What do you see? If you’re outside, you probably just see sky. But if you’re inside you’re likely to see a ceiling. What’s on that ceiling? In all probability, there’s nothing on that ceiling. Nothing except maybe a lost opportunity.

Ceilings are a criminally underused space in which to put signage. When it comes to interior signage, most people look at walls as their only option. But a ceiling can be a great place to put your signs. Ceiling signs stand out and they give your place of business a unique quality that can add value and enhance the experience of customers and employees alike.

Some popular types of signage to use for ceiling signs include:

  • Wayfinding – Ceiling signs are great to use for wayfinding because people will be able to see the sign no matter how crowded the place is or who is standing in front of them. Wayfinding signs can direct people to the reception desk, the restrooms, the stairs, the elevator, or anywhere else.
  • Branding – You can use a ceiling sign to promote your business and identify the space with a company name, logo, or slogan.
  • Advertising – Because ceiling signs are so noticeable, they’re a great way to advertise products or product lines you’re trying to sell to customers.
  • Decor – Sometimes it’s just nice to have a ceiling sign. It can help set the tone and establish an ambience at your place of business.

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