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LED SIGNS When many of us first saw LED screens and signs years ago, we marveled at the crisp, sharp graphics and lights we were seeing. Now that we’re more used to LED signs, perhaps we’re not as amazed by them. But maybe we should be. The truth is that LED sign manufacturers have not been slouching and LED signs are sharper and more effective than ever. What’s more, innovations in manufacturing and design mean that LED signs have never been cheaper.

“LED” stands for light-emitting diode. LED’s use a process called “electroluminescence” and they are much more efficient than traditional incandescent lights and more vibrant and richer than fluorescent lighting. LED signs are great for when you want a sign that is capable of displaying multiple messages. A traditional sign is static; it says what it says and that will never change. With an LED sign, however, you can display a number of different messages that appear at regularly scheduled intervals.

Of course, LED signs cost more than standard, static signs. At least, initially. Because the cost has come down in recent years, LED signs can actually prove to be the cheaper option for any sign that you might need to change with any regularity. Consider a retail store with seasonal sales. They might need four different signs to promote their different sales, or they can just use one LED sign.

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