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Alpharetta Tenant Signage

TENANT SIGNSIn a complex that houses several different businesses, it would be unwieldy for each of those businesses to put their own signs up by the side of the road. One sign would inevitably block another and they’d get into fights. Not to mention, this land is usually owned by a commercial landlord and the businesses rent those spaces. What is the property manager going to do? Change the sign every time a new tenant comes in? That’s not practical.

The solution is a tenant sign. Tenant signs work just like monument or pole signs. They are typically situated nearer to passersby than the businesses actually are. Many businesses, such as in a strip mall, are away from the main road that people walk and drive by nearest to them. To get people’s attention and to let them know that they’re there, these businesses need to use a sign of some sort.

But when multiple businesses rent spaces on the same plot of land, they can’t all have their signs out by the sidewalk or highway. Thus tenant signs become useful. A tenant sign is a freestanding sign with spaces for multiple business names. These names are typically printed on plates that can be fairly easily removed and replaced. That way, when one tenant moves out and another moves in, you can keep the same sign and just switch out the name plates.

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