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New Business Owners – Logo Best Practices


When designing a logo for signage purposes, new business owners should consider the following:

Simplicity and Clarity: A logo should be simple and easily recognizable, especially when it’s displayed on signage. Complex or intricate designs may not translate well when scaled up for larger signs. Clear lines, minimal details, and a strong visual impact are important for effective signage representation.

Scalability: Ensure that the logo design can be scaled up or down without losing its visual impact or legibility. It should remain recognizable and readable even when reproduced in different sizes, including large outdoor signs or small interior signage.

Contrast and Color Selection: Choose colors that provide sufficient contrast against the background where the logo will be displayed. The logo should stand out and be easily visible from a distance. Consider how the logo’s colors will interact with the colors of the signage background, ensuring optimal visibility and legibility.

Visibility at Various Distances: Consider the visibility of the logo from different distances and angles. If the signage will be viewed from a distance, the logo should be designed to be clear and legible from far away. Test the logo’s legibility by viewing mockups or prototypes from various distances to ensure it maintains impact and clarity.

Readability of Typography: If the logo incorporates typography or a business name, choose fonts that are legible even when scaled down. Avoid overly decorative or complex fonts that may hinder readability, especially in signage where people need to quickly grasp the business name or message.

Adaptability for Different Signage Types: Consider how the logo will adapt to different types of signage, such as exterior building signs, window signs, vehicle wraps, or digital displays. Ensure that the logo works well across various mediums and materials, maintaining its impact and legibility in different formats.

Longevity and Timelessness: Aim for a logo design that will remain relevant and timeless over the years. Avoid trends or fads that may quickly become outdated, as signage can be a long-term investment. A logo that withstands the test of time ensures consistent branding and recognition.

Placement and Integration: Think about how the logo will integrate with the overall signage design and layout. Consider the logo’s placement, size, and relationship with other elements on the signage. It should fit harmoniously within the overall visual composition and reinforce the business’s brand identity.

Illumination and Lighting Considerations: If the signage will be illuminated, either internally or externally, take into account how the logo will appear in different lighting conditions. Test the logo’s visibility and legibility under both daytime and nighttime lighting to ensure it remains impactful and clear.

Consultation with Professionals: Consider working with a professional graphic designer or signage expert, like The Sign Distillery, We have the experience in logo design and signage applications. We can provide valuable insights, expertise, and recommendations to optimize the logo’s effectiveness in the context of signage.

By considering these factors during the logo design process, new business owners can create a logo that translates well into signage, effectively represents their brand, and ensures maximum visibility, recognition, and impact for their business.


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