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New Business Owners – Logo Best Practices


When designing a logo for signage purposes, new business owners should consider the following: Simplicity and Clarity: A logo should be simple and easily recognizable, especially when it's displayed on signage. Complex or intricate designs may not translate well when scaled up for larger signs. Clear lines, minimal details, and a strong visual i...

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Legibility vs. Readability

Legibility vs Readability

Readability and legibility are two related but distinct concepts when it comes to text and visual design. Here's the difference between them: Readability: Readability refers to the ease with which text can be read and comprehended. It focuses on the overall clarity and ease of understanding of written content. Readability is affected by factors ...

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Color Psychology & Readability


  There is a whole field of psychology devoted to color and its impact on us and brands have recognized that. For example, fast food restaurants use red and yellow in order to create a sense of excitement and urgency, while hospitals and spas tend to use blues and greens, which are calming.   Here is a short list of colors and their...

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