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Hanging Signage

Alpharetta Hanging Sign

HANGING SIGNAGEHanging signs are a classic type of signage. The reason hanging signage is so classic is because it’s effective and easy to use. Not to mention, hanging signage is typically inexpensive. First, hanging signage allows you to use your space efficiently. By hanging a sign from the ceiling or otherwise high up, you don’t have to take up floor space with an A-frame sign, pole sign, or another freestanding sign, which is handy if you don’t have much floor space. The same goes with walls. Wall graphics are great, but not every business has enough wall space to spare for a sign. And not all walls are visible in big open spaces.

But hanging signage is very visible. Because it hangs above us, hanging signage is typically visible from a distance and furthermore hanging signs can be seen in even very crowded spaces. Hanging signs are used expertly by many grocery stores to demarcate which items are in a given aisle. Hanging signs can also be used outside; hanging off the exterior of your building, a hanging sign can give your business a charming, rustic quality.

What type of mounting do you want to use for your hanging sign, though? Do you want to use purely functional or stylized brackets? And there’s the sign itself. You need a font that’s big enough and a color scheme that keeps everything legible. If you’re in the Alpharetta area and have any questions about hanging signs, please bring them to us at The Sign Distillery and we’d be happy to answer them: 470.444.SIGN (7446) or

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