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Post & Panel Signs

Alpharetta Post And Panel Signs

POST & PANEL SIGNS Post & panel signs are a type of exterior sign used to identify and promote businesses, buildings, organizations, and institutions. They are similar to monument and pole signs in that their main aim is visibility. Post & panel signs are typically used to make the business or place that they are identifying more visible to people nearby. They are usually rather tall, well above the heads of even the tallest folks, so that everybody can see the sign.

Post & panel signs get their name from their two main components: posts and panels. The post is the long, vertical pole and the panel is the actual sign portion that is attached to the post. You have to make some careful choices when designing and installing post & panel signs. The panel needs to be big enough that people can see it from a distance, otherwise you’re kind of negating the whole point of having a post & panel sign. But you can’t have the panel so big that it’s unwieldy.

Furthemore, you want to make your post & panel sign eye-catching. You can do that with vibrant colors or even some sharp graphics. But whatever you do, you must ensure that whatever text you use is big and bold enough to be easily read at a distance. And perhaps the best part of a post & panel sign is that you can change the panel when necessary.

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