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Decals in Johns Creek, GA

What is a Decal?

A decal is a type of inexpensive sign that usually isn’t very large. Decals are adhesive and can be applied to walls, doors, and windows, either on buildings or on vehicles.

Types of Decals in Johns Creek, GA

In the signage industry, the term “decal” is often used interchangeably with “sticker”. Decals can be promotional in nature or they can provide more functional information.

What are Decals for?

Decals can be for a number of things. Decals can be used by tradespeople to install on their work vehicles and promote their businesses all over Alpharetta. Decals can also be applied on walls to provide wayfinding signage or in retail stores to promote certain products.

Features of Decals We Offer in Johns Creek, GA

In businesses, decals feature information on products, services, on how to navigate the space (directional signage), or other business information, such as an hours of operation decal installed on the storefront window. On work vehicles, decals often feature the name of the business along with a phone number and/or website address. An electrician can use a decal on their work vehicle so when they’re driving from house to house in Norcross, they’ll be advertising their business. Vehicle decals can also feature small graphics but for larger ones, a vehicle wrap is necessary.

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